Saturday, September 11, 2010


Good heavens!  F also is quite barren.  Firbolgs and Fomorians both come to mind, both from celtic mythology- the Fir Bolg were a race that inhabited Ireland before the Tuatha De Danann, and the Fomorians were a semi-divine race that inhabited Ireland in ancient times.  Fomorians were chaotic and wild gods, as opposed to the Tuatha De Danann, who were more related to human civilization.

However, those are not what I want to talk about.  No.  I want to talk about the FLOATING EYE!  From out of the darkness- from behind a corner- from the depths of the chasm floats a hideous balloon-like appendage!  WONDER at the marvel of this disembodied organ!  COWER in terror, as you seek to avoid its commanding, chilling gaze!  CHOKE DOWN the bile that rises as you gaze upon its ghastly, noodly nerve-appendages!  Will it wrap its tentacles around you, turning you into a thrall for all time?  A body, finally, for the FLOATING EYE to possess?  Or will it blast your mind into jelly with a gaze, dominating you and turning you against your allies?  When you awaken, shaking off the effects of its staring madness, will you find yourself surrounded by these hideous man-sized monstrosities?  Or will you be alone, drenched in the blood of the fallen??

The vaguely recognizable shape, the trailing tentacular tubes of veins and nerves, the unrelenting stare- can it see in all directions, or does it need to face you to see you?  Can it hear?  Do its free-hanging nerves somehow, impossibly, pick up vibrations and thought waves hanging in the very air?  What is it?  WHY is it?  Is it, perhaps, some missing appendage, some sorcerous giant's misbehaving protuberance, split from its master until it is apologized to?

Some are large- the size of a man!  Some are merely the size of a head, while others are the size of a human eye, flying in swarms, screeching with unknown, infernal organs!  Will they dance over you, like so many fleshopoid insects?  Or will they merely implant their veins into you, using your body as a host until they've sucked you dry of all life!


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